About Us
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“Lovesounds.org is the world’s healthiest audible-porn site, designed as a way out to porn addiction, through top-quality audio recordings of real love action”

Only one thing to click on – 100% the right choice!

No more searching the web to find what you need in between things that you don’t want to see. Pornographic material has been studied particularly for associations with addiction as well as effects on the brain over time. Some literature reviews suggest that pornographic images and films can be addictive, particularly when combined with masturbation. While science it’s still not clear about this subject due to its complexity, seems like a lot of people struggle with traditional pornography and, we think, almost everyone would agree on the unhealthy aspects of watching, perhaps, too many porn videos at the same time, on multiple devices, while taking selfies or retweeting urban poetry with the other hand.

sounds from human beings in love!

No actors, no porn-stars, no milfs, no stepbrothers, no hot Latina, no conditioning. Just two unknown lovers loving while no one sees them, but with some funny microphones. Lovesounds turns that recordings into one big wave of sound designed to please human hearing, meant to be enjoyed on your own, with headphones and closed eyes, in a comfortable setting.

Only sexy sounds, no recognizable words or language.

Just breathing, moaning, sweating, yelling, howling? any sound! No sensual voice will tell you what’s happening there, how big or small any body part is. You won’t hear any recognizable human language distracting your imagination from going wherever it wants. Lovesounds contains only sounds from consensual pleasurable relationships, no unexpected slapping, bdsm or any form of violence whatsoever.

#1 alternative to internet porn

In 2019, 14 videos per minute were uploaded to Pornhub.com, adding to the 169.. years! of content to watch, that this site already offers. Lovesounds.org is probably and proudly the only “porn site” that offers just one thing. One stimuli to rule them all. The love-sound will be changed for a new one every couple of days, without notice to the non subscribers. Lovesounds,org won’t sent you reminders, emails or love letters.

Close your eyes to pornography!

Lovesounds.org is meant to be a little help for those who struggle with porn addiction as well as a little audio delight to enjoy with no shame from time to time for those who might like it. A safe space with no ads or any other unnecessary stimuli. Whenever you can’t help but watch porn, try Lovesounds.org instead!

Feel free to contact us at love@lovesounds.org

Lovesounds.org is completely free but only your donations will keep this web alive, active, updated, and beautiful. No ads, no pop-ups, no blinking colors, no links, no distractions. Please donate or support us on Patreon.

sounds good?